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The Great Shell pluspoints Swindle
UPDATED . . . see bottom of page

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UPDATE: In the short time since this website was launched in January 2004 I have been inundated with e-mails from other Shell customers who have found this website by accident when trying to reach the official website.

Shell claim that these problems are confined only to Congleton Service Station, but my feedback indicates that these problems are widespread and affect many Shell Service Stations across Britain. I have been told of numerous instances of customers not having their cards credited with the pluspoints they have rightfully earned, and instances of Shell ignoring requests to add missing points. I suspect that Shell secretly know what a sham their pluspoints system is, but won't admit it publicly.

Only after I created this website did Shell finally credit my account with the missing points. Even then, Congleton Service Station continued in their spectacular failure to add points to my card. Over half of all my purchases at this site have resulted in no plupoints being added to my card – I think that Shell urgently need to hold an investigation into why this is still being allowed to happen.

Please keep your e-mails coming in to ...they will all be compiled and published on this website at a later date. A list will be made of all the Shell Service Stations in Britain that are failing to add points correctly. The objective will be to get Shell to face up to the serious problems with the running of the pluspoints scheme, so that their customers get a fair deal.

Thank you for your support.